Smart Home

The smart home provides electrical management system for both manual and remote control and automation. In the smart home, a central system connects with all electric items in the house, such as lighting, blinds, air conditioning, boilers … you name it. Every electric system can be controlled separately with a wall switch, touch screen or smart phone. The interface is user friendly and allows the user to set up various kinds of “smart behavior”, such as establishing fixed routines, automatic timing, the creation of sensor monitored interactive environments, and on and on.


Establishment of fixed routines in advance through a timer as well as programming the times of sunrise and sunset.


Control of the home at all times as well as the ability to interface with the alarm system, the Internet and cameras.

Power Saver

Control and monitoring which facilitate management of the usage of electricity and savings in energy costs.

Bypass and Backup

The only system with two backup overrides methods, including activation by wall switches.

Operational independence

Completely independent and user friendly activation, configuration and modification through the system interface with no dependence on the company.

Flexibility and modularity

Connection and interfacing with standard appliances and the ability to making modifications or replacements independently.

Unique benefits

The only company with all the benefits in one system!

I-CON system has a unique bypass which allows to continue to operate the lighting, blinds and other consumers through regular walls switches (without having to access the fuse box and run the controllers manually)!

The system is also decentralized and consists of several controllers, and operation of the controllers does not depend on the central computer.

I-CON system is based on IP technology, which is now the core technology for all the latest home products such as Smart Home, TVs, home cinema systems, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, telephony, computers, and more.

These products already support IP communication, which is the only communication adopted by all the major manufacturers such as: SONY, PANNASONIC, LG, PIONEER, SAMSUNG, and more.

The system interface is intuitive and user friendly, so that any changes can be made by any client without any experience or knowledge of computers and regardless of the company! You can make any changes or settings of the system independently such as building rooms, screens, schedules, scenarios, etc. ..

The interface is the same in all control devices and operating systems (IPAD, ANDROID, WINDOWS, LINUX, etc.) both in-house and outside.

I-CON system is the only system which separated power units (220V relays) from the electronic control cards which work at lower voltages, so there is complete separation between the intelligent controller and switching units, allowing maintenance independently or by a licensed electrician.

This technology connection endpoints such as lighting, blinds, boiler etc. by external relays and not directly to the system, provides additional defensive layer, so that in cases of short, load, network failure or power surges, the system will not be damaged. Despite the separation, I-CON system is extremely small and is also suitable for homes where no prepared a special place for smart power.

Smart Home system connects to standard components – switches, blinds , curtains, means heating , air conditioning and more. These items can be selected freely accept and control wise. The system allows substitutions or modifications of all components independently , regardless of the company ! For the basic version and the extended version of the smart home has the ‘heart’ . At first I install a basic smart home system , and add further elements of control and luxurious ingredients such as touch switches , touch screens , etc. , without changing infrastructure . New technology , standard components and modular solutions make the I- CON smart home system reliable and efficient at attractive rates for all types of construction .

Development and production of blue – white gives dynamic capability and fast adapt to any changes or technological advancements. Contech customers enjoy significant technological advantage in cases required to develop solutions for specific audiences or needs. Advantage that all components of the system – hardware and software, controllers and interfaces – are from creating one promising solution to the customer’s complete compliance. For years, Contech is in the foreground, as the first to introduce the most advanced technological solutions (such as control using IPAD, Android, and more …)



Development and production monitoring and control home automation and respectively according to specific needs


all in one solution for docking and charging the iPad mini. A stylish in-wall flush like (1mm) docking station for iPad Mini. Transforms the iPad Mini into a stationary touch screen. Provides a convenient iPad Mini charging solution when power source is provided. Includes pre-construction drywall mounting kit suitable for wood, concrete, brick and plaster construction material. Available in smooth white finishing.


Design your touch: Unique touch switches that give the house an elegant and beautiful look. The panels Characterized by advanced technological design such as luxury designed box that attached by magnets, and variety of options such as Perimeter Illumination, Powered by Proximity, RGB LED lighting, Personal Background, Variety of colors (RAL), and even the possibility to Design your own touch… Power: 9-36 VDC. Communication: 2 way RS485. Coming soon: 110/230 VAC, Wireless, KNX communication

I / O controllers are the most common standard command in the command and control field . Such controllers are used in both the private sector and the institutional sector and military around the world , and sold by all companies control the world. In addition, the morning of Contec separated power units ( 220V relays ) electronic control cards which work at lower voltages , so there is complete separation between the intelligent controller and switching units , giving both more protective layer and the option to replace the parts regardless of company branding . Components are standard and can be purchased in stores electricity.
Power units of the dimers are of a very high power per channel – A15 = 3300 W high power provides extended operating life of the power unit dimmer . Dimmer controls can Hadamard all types of incandescent and fluorescent lamps T5 and LED bulbs which are Dimora .
The system interfaces are intuitive and easy to use, do not require special knowledge and can make design changes that regardless of the company. Communication protocol of the system in compliance with the Israeli standard 14543 , which refers to “architecture of household electronic system” and is open and free , so any manufacturer or customer can if want to purchase the standard protocol and develop products, software control himself. The system also has a component architecture separates media (Protocol ) application component .
Contec company develops and manufactures solutions for companies and individuals on demand , both in hardware – PCB circuits , and in software – interfaces and applications according to specification . For a quote you can call the administrative offices on the phone 1-700-700-356

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All the latest

The new iPad mini in-wall Dock is showen at ISE in Amsterdam 10-12 feb.

also showen: ”Da Vinci Touch Panel” the new elegant and designed touch panel that you can design , “Design Your Touch”


Contec smart home


Contec smart home – 10 years of Israeli hi – tech


CONTEC develops, manufactures and markets control and monitoring smart home systems. The company’s multidisciplinary team includes engineers, experts in software development, electronics and electricity and works with architects, electrical engineers, project managers and electricians. We provide advanced solutions for private customers, contractors, the military as well as institutional clients.

CONTEC’s vision began in 2003 when our founders sought to provide advanced, “smart” solutions wich would be modular and user friendly.

The company’s vision of “a smart home in every house” took form as a complete control and monitoring system which does not require continuing dependence on the company.

Even today, more than ten years later, CONTEC’s smart home system is the only one that allows the customer complete independence.

The company’s development and manufacturing goals have focused on providing solutions for the special and demanding needs of the Israeli consumer.

CONTEC devotes tireless efforts to “thinking outside the box” to provide a wide variety of solutions while bringing the customer the highest possible cost-benefit ratio.

Special advantages include manual override and backup capability along

with the capacity for system modification.


Our Team

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CEO - Ronit Kohavi

Ronit has gained here M.B.A in business management in the university of haifa. she has got a 12 years experience in the smart home field as a business director, marketing, sales as well as customer service representative.
team 1

VP Development - Yaron Miller

Yaron, electronic engineering graduate, served in the military career of complex electronic systems and joined the early development processes of the company's products. Yaron leads to the development of electronics, manufacturing and customer support company
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Staff - Development and Support

Staff development and support including software and electronics engineers who provide solutions and solving customer needs and requests, as well as provide remote telephone support as well as at the client

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